What is the differences?HealthGuard T18 康立T18
 Thy-tune 甲通康
 Ginger Spray 植物姜精油

Registration 登記註冊: Singapore 新加坡
 Hong Kong 香港
Hong Kong 香港
 Category 註冊類別: Chinese Proprietary Medicine 中成藥
 Food 食品
 Form 劑型: Capsule 膠囊 Capsule 膠囊
 Spray 噴
 Contains 成份: White ginseng, Hymalayan, Teasel root, Wild dendrobium stem, Rx. Salviae, Multiouhizae, Herbal nerviliac, Thunberg fritillary. Dendrobium extract, Rx. Salviae extract, Ginseng extract, Thunberg fritillary extract, Agaricus extract, Catechin extract. Water, Ginger roots oil, peppermint oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil.
 Per treatment 每療程: 6 boxes 盒裝
 6 boxes 盒裝
 1 bottle 樽
Per  Treatment consumption 服用: 2 months, oral 口服
 2 months, oral 口服
 external use only 外用
 Suitable for 適合人士: Thyroid disease and symptoms 甲狀腺病
Group A and  B health concern 甲腺AB
 Neck in pain, simply swollen 頸腫
 Current Discounted offer 網上優惠:Worldwide stockout 暫全球缺貨
Thy-tune 2+1 Package Treatment US$1,050Ginger Spray US$220 per set