What is the differences?HealthGuard T18 Thy-tune Ginger Spray

Registration: Singapore Hong KongHong Kong
 Category: Chinese Proprietary Medicine Food N/A
 Form: Capsule Capsule Spray
 Contains: White ginseng, Hymalayan, Teasel root, Wild dendrobium stem, Rx. Salviae, Multiouhizae, Herbal nerviliac, Thunberg fritillary. Dendrobium extract, Rx. Salviae extract, Ginseng extract, Thunberg fritillary extract, Agaricus extract, Catechin extract. Water, Ginger roots oil, peppermint oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil.
 Per treatment: 6 boxes 6 boxes 1 bottle
Per  Treatment consumption: 2 months, oral 2 months, oral external use only
 Suitable for: Thyroid disease and symptomsGroup A and Group B health concern Neck in pain, simply swollen
 Current offer:HealthGuard T18 2+1 Package Treatment US$1,050
(6-month consumption)

Thy-tune 2+1 Package Treatment US$1,050
(6-month consumption)
Ginger Spray US$35 per bottle.
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