If you have following 1 to 2 symptoms in following two groups, your may have health issues. 如果你出现以下两组之中1-2种症状,说明你的甲腺功能健康可能已出现问题.

Group A Group B

Palpitation • Top throat Eye swelling • Eyelid swelling • Eye burning • Flowing eye • Hand shake • Feet are weak • Trecking • Paralysis • Black skin • The knee is weak • Feet suddenly weak • chest tightness •Difficulty breathing  • irritable and irritable  • Emotional Anonymous Irritation  • Women's discomfort  • Do not think about things  • Lower body often itch  • Stool  • afraid of heat sweat  • Cool  • Thin  • Food is easy to be hungry  • often tired  • Difficult to concentrate 

Puffy  • Cold limbs  • Chills  • Itchy skin •hoarse voice • Easy to have a headache  • Feeling drowsy all day • Lack of appetite  • Easy constipation  • Memory loss  • un-responsive  • lose vitality • Not easy to sweat  • muscle cramps   

第一组 ​第二组

心慌  •顶喉  •眼胀  •眼皮红肿  •眼睛灼热  •流眼水  •手震  •手脚发软  •大腿颤抖  •麻痹  •肤色变黑  •膝盖酸痛无力  •双脚突然无力  •胸闷  •呼吸困难  •急燥易怒  •情绪无名烦燥  •女性周期不适  •不思欲事  •下体常痕痒  •大便稀烂  •怕热大汗  •喜凉  •暴瘦  •大食易饿  •经常疲倦  •难以集中精神   

浮腫  •四肢冰冷  •畏寒 •全身皮膚痕癢  •聲音嘶啞 •容易頭痛  •整日感覺昏昏欲睡 •缺乏食慾  •容易便秘 •記憶力減退  •反應遲鈍 •失去活力  •不容易出汗 •肌肉抽筋